“I’ve been seeing Christine at the Jade Forest for her amazing hot stone massage work since February of 2003. Not only does Christine do soothing, attentive and professional massage, but she also provides a wealth of information and support in many areas for my overall well-being. She has even worked on me at my home several times after I had knee surgery. Christine does her work in a warm, loving and calm environment and to top it off, is one of the kindest and most caring people I know! I am blessed to have her in my life!”

–Kerry Sutorius

“I have found a sense of deep satisfaction from working with Christine and her wonderful hot rocks…some of the best gifts of Mother Earth. I especially appreciate how present Christine is with me during the massage. I am able to benefit from physical release as well as spiritual renewal.”

–Rajahla Kuehmichel

“Between my home and the Jade Forest there are literally hundreds of massage therapists from which to choose. I make a 47 mile trip to see Christine because it’s worth every minute and mile. She has succeeded where physical therapy has failed and always provides an enriching experience.”

–Rande Gjerstad

“Initially, I became interested in checking out Christine Schoper because she had over 25 years as a Registered Nurse. At that time in the Northwest Tri-Area of the Peninsula there was a glut of quasi-bodyworkers without much medical or anatomical experience. Of course, her teaching background interested me also. I was quite reluctant given my previous experiences with the industry to make an appointment at Jade Forest.

“I am so grateful that I found Christine and Jade Forest. She’s the real thing. My sessions with her have always been cleansing, releasing, regenerating in a very safe space. After neck and spinal surgery in 1996 and doing well for awhile; my neck, right shoulder, and rotator cuff always need special attention. Christine has been the only healer that I have worked with who is able to find and release deep tissue stress, stimulate lymph node points, and balance meridians with her healing stone sessions.

Christine is truly an eclectic healer, an empathetic with boundaries, a compassionist. She is knowledgeable and intuitive in all aspects of the mind-body-soul connection. Also, she has always been flexible in dealing with insurance claims or times I have had no insurance. I wholeheartedly recommend Christine at Jade Forest to any client who wants to experience the healing and wellness process she provides.”

–Mardella Rowland

“I’ve used Christine exclusively for years because of her extensive massage, physical therapy and spiritual background. She blends her skills in these three areas into a very special and effective healing combination.”

–Mike Pollock

“Last week we moved out of our San Diego home. After 3 weeks of filling boxes, pulling and pushing furniture, I could not stand up straight – oh, the arms and feet were sore! My first call when I returned to Port Townsend was to the Jade Forest. Christine has the healing touch – after the massage my stress was gone and my body felt whole again with energy restored.”

–KC Hutter

“I’ve had the pleasure of Christine’s massages for over eight years now. She has many gifts, which all come together at Jade Forest. She is a wonderful masseuse, and the warm stones melt me like chocolate left on a sunny dashboard. She uses essential oils in her treatments, which I also love, and the setting of her studio is like taking a mini-vacation in the woods, surrounded by Christine’s beautiful garden. I usually come to her feeling like road-kill, but I leave feeling like a prince. Thank you Christine!”

–Tim Quiggle